Knutsson, Gösta

Gösta Knutsson (1908-1973)
Gösta Knutsson read a lot as a child, for example Alice in Wonderland, and he made magazines for the family. Later her studied in Uppsala and was planning to become a teacher or a librarian. Through his studies he came to work work with a radio program. Since he wanted to make a show for children, Gösta Knutsson began to read the stories about the cat Pelle No-tail.

Just in time for Christmas 1939 the first book about Pelle was published, and it then became a series of twelve books in total. There has also been made picture-books, comics, film, theatre, music and television programs.

The stories about Pelle are simple in it's structure and they follow a certain pattern. The wicked cat Måns and his posse Bill and Bull try to come up with situations where Pelle will feel ashamed of his lack of a tail. Of course, they never succeed.

The books about Pelle have been translated to many languages, for example Polish, Finnish, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian and Portugese. Gösta Knutsson has written other books too, but is most famous for his Pelle No-tail.

In time for the 75th anniversary in 2014, Pelle No-Tail was re-launched, now with new illustrations and modernized stories.