Axmacher, Susanne

Susanne Axmacher was born in 1974 and lives in Stockholm. She lived abroad for many years and has worked as a consultant on gender issues in France, Italy, the United States and Sudan on behalf of the EU, the UN and the Armed Forces. Season of the Nymph is Axmacher’s second novel. Water Lily Children, published in 2009, was given a brilliant reception and was nominated for Borås Tidning’s First-time Novelist Award.

On Water Lily Children:

“Just as I was worrying about fiction’s increasingly obscure position in today's publishing world, a genuine novel with a capital N lands on my table. And - to boot - written by a newcomer. In her debut novel, Water Lily Children, Susanne Axmacher shows such outstanding artistry as a novelist that I can probably supress my worries for a while."

Annina Rabe, Svenska Dagbladet