Nilsson, Ulf

Ulf Nilsson was born in 1948 in Helsingborg. His authorship has resulted in a broad and extensive production including everything from children’s books to novels. His books are filled with humour, warmth and imagination, often with a touch of irony (directed against himself). A theme always present is the victory of Good over Bad, and he always speaks in favour of children. Another theme is about acknowledgement and being seen, how to control your own fears by protecting someone smaller than yourself. In 1992 Ulf Nilsson began his biblical research at the University of Lund; not because he is a practising Christian but because he takes an interest in the subject, and he finds the biblical stories being the corner stones of our culture and concept of moral. Stories from the Bible are retold in many of his books, but in a new way. Throughout the years Ulf Nilsson has had many different pets, and he often uses animals with human features as main characters. Many of his stories have also found other means of expression, such as: opera, film, radio, children’s theatre, television and even as stamps. Together with illustrator Anna-Clara Tidholm, Ulf Nilsson won the most prestigious Swedish literary award 2002, the August Prize, for Goodbye, Mr Muffin. From the jury´s motivation: “The guinea pig Mr. Muffin is drawing towards his last hour. With warmth, sadness and dignity Ulf Nilsson and Anna-Clara Tidholm tell us about life and death in a way that makes grief apprehensible".