Stark, Ulf

Ulf Stark born 1944 was one of Sweden’s best-known authors. He has written something in the region of thirty books and has been translated into twenty-five languages. In everything Ulf has written he mixed high and low, the ordinary and the impressive, with a joyful lack of respect. Often he wrote about his own childhood and about his father. Ulf Stark´s writings are many-sided. He wrote everything from picture books to novels for young readers. He has reworked several of his books into film scripts and has been awarded many prestigious prices such as the August price, Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis and also an Emmy for an original script for a Danish television series. “Humour and courage to face life" are words of the used about his books. “He wants to lure out dazzling life" was the headline of an interview with him. Ulf Stark was never sentimental. “I think grief has to be included so that the joy is clear" he has said.