Alex and Smilla - Missing

Eriksson, Caroline
Swedish title
De försvunna
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2015

On an idyllic late summer evening Greta, Alex and four-year old Smilla take a boat from the holiday cottage by mythical lake Maran and steer toward the small island in its centre. Greta remains behind in the boat whilst the other two go ashore to explore.

Hours pass, but Alex and Smilla don’t return. Confused, Greta makes her way ashore, certain she’ll find them caught up in some game. Calling out and searching the island, she can find no trace of the two. They’ve simply vanished. No trace left behind.

The mysterious disappearance, and the feverish search that follows, lead Greta step-by-step down into an abyss of confusion and increasing darkness. Are the tales about lake Maran’s malevolent powers true? What’s Greta’s role in all this; is there a connection between the disappearance and what happened that evening many years ago, when Greta’s father died? Who was the mysterious person who showed up at the cabin in the middle of the night before the disappearance?

And, where are Alex and Smilla?