All of Grandmas Money

Nilsson, Ulf
Eriksson, Eva
Swedish title
Farmors alla pengar
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Mar 10, 2008
40 pages, 210 x 210 mm, colour

This is a charming, warm and funny story about the day when Grandma suddenly became very mixed up - and very mean.

"I ran inside to Grandma. She looked at me with a confused expression.

“Are you my son?" she asked. “John?"

“No, you’re my grandma!"

I said it several times, but it was as if she didn’t hear me.

“John!" she insisted. “You have to help me. I think they’re trying to con me. They’re trying to take my money off me."

We went into the bank.

“I want to take all my money out! Every last penny! Right now! Grandma said.

She had an awful lot of notes. And I was supposed to guard all the hiding places. I prepared to fire my arrow and bow. I was only six years old. I did not want Grandma to be mixed up any more."