All the Dear Little Animals

Nilsson, Ulf
Eriksson, Eva
Swedish title
Alla döda små djur
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Mar 17, 2006
36 pages, 210 x 210 mm, colour

“The whole world is full of dead animals," said Ester, “in every bush there’s a bird, a butterfly, a mouse. Somebody has to be kind and take care of them. Somebody has to make a sacrifice and bury all these dead bodies."
“Who," I said.
“Us," she said.
Ester was always very brave. I was little and scared. That boring summer’s day we started a company called Funerals Ltd. We were going to provide the best funerals in the world and help all the poor dead animals just lying there on the ground. Ester’s job was digging. I was going to write poems. And Ester’s little brother Putte was going to do the crying.

With enormous insight, precision, humour and an irrepressible tone Ulf Nilsson has written a book about playing and being serious, life and death; everybody will be able to recognise themselves in his story. The game is liberating and unsentimental, but there is also a tone of underlying seriousness.