Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs

Wolff, Lina
Swedish title
Bret Easton Ellis och de andra hundarna
Fiction \ Literature & Fiction
Pub Date
Aug 03, 2012
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    ‘Wolff’s prose has a quality of “otherness" entirely in keeping with the surreal atmosphere of the novel. … a cool, clever and fierce addition to the canon of modern feminist literature.’ - The Guardian

    ‘[A] filmic offering … channelling the spirit of Pedro Almodóvar. A thoroughly invigorating novel.’ - The Independent

    ‘The author demonstrates a marvelous command of language and creates characters with real depth, lending the book a sensual vibe and an acerbic wit that force its emotional truths to rise above the grunge of its hard-boiled setting.' - Kirkus Reviews


At a run-down brothel in Caudal, Spain, the prostitutes are collecting stray dogs. Each is named after a famous male writer: Dante, Chaucer, Bret Easton Ellis. When a john is cruel, the dogs are fed rotten meat. To the east, in Barcelona, an unflappable teenage girl is endeavouring to trace the peculiarities of her life back to one woman: Alba Cambó, writer of violent short stories, who left Caudal as a girl and never went back.

Mordantly funny, dryly sensual, written with a staggering lightness of touch, the debut novel in English by Swedish sensation Lina Wolff is a black and Bolaño-esque take on the limitations of love in a dog-eat-dog world.