Captain Bluebeard

Widmark, Martin
Alvner, Christina
Swedish title
Kapten Blåskägg
Nelly Rapp
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Jun 30, 2014
96 pages, 148 x 210 mm, b/w illustrations

Nelly and Vall e are at sailing school. They have learnt how to hoist sails and cmise in the bay.
It is said that you can see a ghost ship rise and sink every now and then from the deep sea. The old fis herman Enoch says that he has seen the ship with his own eyes and even seen a pirate step out on dec k and bellow out his curses. Rumour has it that in 1697 Captain Bluebeard went aground here!
Valle, who is up next for training as an agent at the Monster Academy, can't stop thinkjng about Captain Bluebeard. \Vhy is the captain so an gry? And why did he mn aground when, according to Enoch, he was the most skjlful sailor of his time?
Although the group have a competition in the morning Valle just has to find out if this ghost story is true. He wakes Nelly and by the light of the moon they sail out to ÅJgrundet.
They just have time to anchor before an enormous ship rises from the depths and a fearsome lookjng figure towers up at the ships rail.
Suddenlya huge net comes flying over their little boat and they are pulled helplessly towards the sides of the hug e pirate ship...