Cheese For All Mice!

Nilsson, Ulf
Spee, Gitte
Swedish title
Ost till alla möss
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Mar 31, 2009
160 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour

"I’m a very small mouse, and I think I’m probably very unusual.
My mum realised this straight away when I was born. Unusual in several ways.
This is who I was:
A little brown boy mouse with four black stripes on my back. “I" began at the two ears right at the top, carried on down my neck, curved over my stomach and ended down at my back feet. Everything in between was “me". I had a little nose, a little neck, a little stomach, four little paws and two little big ears.
Oh yes, and then there was a tail, of course. A little long tail. I felt at it and squeezed it. I pulled it. Is this my tail? Yes, it was my tail!"

Cheese For All Mice! is a wonderful, philosophical and warm story about a a striped mouse. Brown with black stripes, white stomach. A nice mouse, a clever mouse, a mouse who can learn a lot. And a very small mouse can be very very special…