Cold Case Sweden: Taken

Frennstedt, Tina
Swedish title
Cold Case: Försvunnen
Pub Date
Jan 16, 2019

Cold Case Sweden brings together the best of tv-series The Bridge and The Killing in a crime series written by cold case expert Tina Frennstedt

Sixteen years ago, a 19-year old woman disappeared on an idyllic summer evening in southern Sweden. The case was never solved, and the girl remains missing. The case has been at the top of Detective Inspector, and Head of Sweden’s Cold Case Group, Tess Hjalmarsson’s lists of cases to solve but for many years there has been no new information in the disappearance.

Now, a killer attacking women in their own homes is terrorising Malmö. There are alarming similarities between the attacks and the crimes of Denmark’s Valbymannen, the Valby Killer, who raped and murdered women in Copenhagen some years earlier, and is still evading capture. Celebrated Danish criminal profiler Carsten Morris joins the Swedish investigation as an expert on the Valby Killer, bringing with him not only an unprecedented insight into the Valby Killer’s MO but also some personal baggage to boot.

In a wholly unexpected turn of events, fingerprints at the Malmö crime scene trace back to the cold case from 2002 of the missing teenager, throwing a new light on the case for the first time in years. Tess Hjalmarsson and her team are now in charge of both investigations; the current attacks in Malmö and the historic case of the missing woman. With her hot-headed and feisty partner Marie Erling, Tess is determined to solve both cases before the killer strikes again.

Tess is driven, bordering on obsessive, in her fervour to solve cases long after the original investigation has wound down. Tess has carried the scars of an unsolved case from early on in her career, where a little boy lost his mother in an arson attack and the killer never caught after blunders in the original investigation. Tess has never been able to shake the fact that the child had to grow up without his mother and the arsonist is still walking free, making her the perfect champion for cold cases. Meanwhile, Tess struggles with her ailing private life, and secretly longs for a child of her own, a dream that seems to be drifting further and further away.