Death in Disguise

Bengts, Marie
Swedish title
Döden klär i domino
Pub Date
Jun 07, 2019

Seamstress Hannah Lönn returns, now in the glittering world of couture...

It is autumn 1957 as Hannah returns to work after the summer holidays. Her new employer is the famous designer Gustav Leijon, who is putting on a show at the Royal Opera dedicated to the recently departed Christian Dior. Hannah’s joy is short-lived, however, as her assignment is to sew thirty capes that won’t even feature in the show.

Then, the Opera House receives a death threat targeting Gustav Leijon. Hannah is intrigued, but the threat is quickly dismissed as a publicity stunt after the information is leaked to the press.

The big day arrives and all the good and the great arrive for the show. Suddenly, a masked man wearing one of Hannah’s capes bursts in and shoots a man in the audience. When the police arrive on the scene, Hannah is reunited with an old police acquaintance. Who better than Hannah with her knowledge of behind-the-scenes to help solve the case?

DEATH IN DISGUISE is the second instalment in Marie Bengts’ praised Seamstress Investigates series. Her delectable trademark style of mystery will immerse readers in the 1950s, emulating her own favourite authors, Agatha Christie and Maria Lang, with her social commentary on women’s station, both in the 50s and today.