Detective Gordon: A Case for Paddy

Nilsson, Ulf
Spee, Gitte
Swedish title
Kommissarie Gordon. Ett fall för Paddy
Detective Gordon
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Oct 02, 2017
148x210mm, 112 pages, colour

Paddy is happy and content with her life as a policewoman, but Gordon suddenly starts to wonder where she came from and where her mum lived. The terrible thing is that Paddy doesn’t know. She’s forgotten everything. Luckily Gordon knows what to do to restore Paddy’s memory: A cup of tea, a comfy armchair, a candle and a pen and some paper are all that’s needed. And then Paddy starts writing poems about her mum. And just as Gordon predicted: Paddy’s memory slowly starts coming back. Something terrible had happened! The fox’s sharp claws. Everyone running in different directions. Waterfalls and pine trees. It could only mean one thing: the fox must be involved and it took place at Cave Island. The two officers immediately set off to investigate. Could Paddy’s mum be there? A friendly and philosophical detective story for youngsters.