Detective Gordon: The First Case

Nilsson, Ulf
Spee, Gitte
Swedish title
Kommissarie Gordon. Det första fallet
Commissioner Gordon
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Mar 25, 2013
96pg, 148x210mm, color
  • "

    Best Books of 2015, Horn Book (US), December 2015

    "Detective Gordon (a toad) is the chief of police in the forest; young, excitable Buffy (a mouse) is his brand-new sidekick. Using their complementary skills, the two track down some nut thieves and mete out an eminently just punishment. This odd couple’s first mission is full of warm humor and wisdom — both handled with a feather-light touch."

    Starred review, Booklist (US), May 2015

    "Endearing characters and a childlike sensibility through writing that is clean, precise, and amusing. A wonderful choice for independent reading, particularly for kids who become accomplished readers early."


A friendly, philosophical and thoughtful story about the rather tired and somewhat frozen Commissioner Gordon and his chirpy assistant. Warm, witty wisdom from one of Sweden’s foremost children’s authors - Ulf Nilsson. Affectionately illustrated in colour by the acclaimed Dutch illustrator Gitte Spee. A book to be read by oneself or aloud together.

A lot of nuts are being stolen in the woods. Commissioner Gordon, that most experienced detective, has to solve the case. So now he has to sit in the snow and watch the hole where the nuts have been taken. And he is really just longing for a cup of tea with chocolate biscuits by the warmth of the fire.

When a mysterious animal turns up the worst happens! The Commissioner is frozen to the spot! That is when he decides to appoint an assistant. Then the two police colleagues help each other to sort everything out in this "first case".

And the Commissioner would be glad if as little as possible happens in the future because as he says: "In the best societies nothing happens. There are no thieves and no prisons." Then the police can just drink their tea and eat vanilla buns in front of the fire …