Do you have to!

Olsson, Lotta
Nilsson Thore, Maria
Swedish title
Måste du!
An Anteater Book
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Aug 22, 2017
195 x 260 mm, 32 pages, color

An everyday philosophical adventure that younger (and older) picture book lovers can relate to. Just as reflective as Winnie the Pooh.

"Do you have to!" sighs the dormouse wearily when the giant anteater spills his cup of hot chocolate and then knocks over the sugar bowl with his tail, causing the vase of flowers to fall over! When the giant anteater’s niece, the little giant anteater Mini, comes to visit, it suddenly dawns on the giant anteater what the dormouse means when she has to say "Do you have to!" all the time.