Löwengrip, Isabella
Hadenius, Pingis
Swedish title
Non Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 18, 2013

TAKING CARE OF your finances means taking care of yourself. When you take control of your finances - and, subsequently, your life - rather than letting your finances control you, you become what we call an Economista. Only you hold the power to do this - no one else! And what’s more, anyone can become an Economista!

Just like a fashionista builds up her wardrobe, an Economista builds up her finances, and thereby her life. Being an Economista does not mean becoming a financial geek who has forgotten how to have fun. It is about understanding the simple link between your private finances and the quality of life. When you are able to manage your money, you will be better able to manage your life choices and decisions, both big and small, and you will lead a happier and more successful life.

In ECONOMISTA: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY - ENRICH YOUR LIFE, you will find simple tools that will help you manage your finances. As an Economista, you will have plenty of energy left over for more important things than lying sleepless at night due to financial distress. Remember that nobody will care about your money in the same way that you do. Have you ever thought about it that way?