Edible mushrooms

Safe to pick, good to eat

Forsberg, Barbro
Lindberg, Stefan
Swedish title
Non Fiction \ Animals & Nature
Pub Date
Jul 17, 2012
224 pages, 170x240mm, 4+4

The mushroom season. What can you pick? Chanterelles, ceps and funnel chanterelles are OK. But there are lots more fine mushrooms to discover. Many of them are just as good as the tastiest cep.

Edible mushrooms

presents 40 different kinds, all safe to pick and good to eat.

This is a modern new sort of guide with photographs showing mushrooms in their natural environment, just as you see them in the forest, and with close-up pictures.

The book describes the appearance of mushrooms, where they grow, and the best way of handling and storing them. For each variety it shows deceptively similar varieties. The book also has a chapter about poisonous mushrooms.

With this book you will have the courage to wander out into the forests and perhaps start picking unusual mushrooms.