Fun with Measurments

Bross, Helena
Rönns, Christel
Swedish title
Skoj att mäta med Klass 1b
Class 1B
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Jul 17, 2017
148 x 210mm, 64 pages, color

Practise centimetres, decimetres and metres with the friends in
"Class 1B". Measure things close by and guess who’s tallest or
shortest. An activity book full of fun exercises at just the right level
for early readers. Which things are longest, shortest or the same?
See who’s the tallest in Class 1B and guess which of Oscar’s rabbits
can jump the farthest.
Cut out the ruler in the book and measure things around you.
Paint, solve, count and compare short and tall in a fun and easy way.