How the Internet Works

Nygårds, Karin
Kristiansson, Johanna
Swedish title
Så funkar internet
This is How it Works
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Jul 15, 2016
195 x 260 mm, 64 pages, color

Internet today has a place in all our lives. Although it wasn't like that twenty years ago. Then it was something new and strange and nobody really knew what the point of it was. And nobody could imagine how big it would become. In How the Internet Works you will find out in a fun way everything about the history of the web and how the technology behind it functions. Look inside a fibre cable factory, learn how ARPANET became WWW, work out what an IP number is and keep up with ones and zeros on their journey through cables and as cordless signals. You will find out what a "dark web" is and all about internet security, why sharks chew the cables in the Atlantic and why we say that we are surfing the web and lots more.

Karin Nygårds is a Swedish teacher who teaches her pupils how to program and build robots. She works with digital development and has been nominated school punk of the year, won a prestigious teacher's prize and was named as the digital source of inspiration 2014.

Johanna Kristiansson is an illustrator and cartoonist. She has illustrated textbooks, comics, children's books, crosswords and activity books for several children's books publishers.