Nilsson, Ulf
Sheppard, Sarah
Swedish title
Hur du kör konstiga bilar
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2011

How to drive strange cars

Read, play and learn how to drive strange cars in Ulf Nilsson’s and Sarah Sheppard’s imaginative picture book. Turn the wheel, put your foot down, toot and crank up, turn the sirens on and drive! At the same time you learn what different kinds of vehicle look like and what they are called. Playful and fun and almost real in the minds of enquiring little children.

How do you flatten asphalt with a steamroller? And what do you need to think about when you are driving a digger?
Find out how exciting it can be driving a big mining truck down dark tunnels or how hard it is to start an old-fashioned car with a crank handle. Let your own imagination run riot!

Press, roll, drop down, fold out, stop, tip the bucket and put on all the lights! Just live the actions, with the help of the fun-filled text and unusual pictures. For all little children who are interested in playing and pretending to drive big strange cars!

You can also read: "Let’s look for strange cars" with even more facts about vehicles and about the town’s animals and plants.