Ingrid and Ivar Search for Ghosts

Janouch, Katerina
Lindman, Mervi
Swedish title
Ingrid och Ivar letar spöken
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 29, 2015
210 x 210 mm, 32 pages, color

Small children’s favourites Ingrid and Ivar are back, this time in a nice, non-scary ghost story book for the very young. It is perfect for Halloween.

The moon is shining through the window and Ingrid and Ivar are sitting up in bed. They are looking at books about ghosts. Perhaps there is a ghost family in the attic? Best to check.

With a torch they creep around in the attic among the spider webs and bats. With their cuddly toys they make up a story about a nice family of ghosts. They dress up and play around in the dark among all the old things stored there. There are no ghosts in the attic just small playful cats rustling in the shadows.

Mervi Lindmans illustrations are full of hidden details that bring out the playfulness, the setting and the simple text. A lovely mix of reality and imagination!