Ingrid and Ivar on a Treasure Hunt

Janouch, Katerina
Lindman, Mervi
Swedish title
Ingrid och Ivar på skattjakt
Ingrid och Ivar
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 16, 2016
210 x 210 mm, 32 pages, color

In this fifth book about Ingrid and Ivar, the two friends are back in an autumnal adventure with plants, animals and glittering treasures.

The pair decide to go on a treasure hunt in the woods and have drawn a treasure map.

With the map in one hand and a basket in the other they set off to find the treasure.

On the way, they meet sweet little creepy crawlies and find and set rose hips, feathers and pine cones in their basket. But nowhere is there any golden treasure to be found! With everything they collected they can make pretty trinkets and things. The entire wood is full of treasures!

A delightful picture book to read at home or in pre-school, prior to an outing in the woods.