Jam Sandwiches and Hard Life

Dragon Heart 1

Ehring, Anna
Swedish title
Syltmackor och oturslivet
Dragon Heart
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Aug 24, 2010
192 pages, 135x185 mm

Nisse Berg and Tage have a band. Nisse plays the drums. Tage the trumpet. Not the best combo perhaps.

When Nisse beats his big bass drum so that the stand falls over, then life feels good. Then he feels he can cope with all his unlucky rotten life. And when Nisse talks to Harry, his reptile… or dragon, then lots of all-over-the-place thoughts seem to sort themselves out. Because there is lots of stuff happening inside Nisse’s head: he is a sensitive sort of guy. That’s what his mum always said.

Nisse is writing some new song lyrics for the band in a black notebook. He asks Harry what he thinks of the words, and Harry likes them a lot. “Great, but can you read upside down?" wonders Nisse. “I can’t read at all, but it looks nice," answers Harry. When Saga and Ruth join the band, and Saga asks what they can call themselves, Nisse is quick to say: Dragon Heart.