Jan Lööf - A Collection

Lööf, Jan
Lööf, Jan
Swedish title
Jan Lööf sagosamling
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 28, 2017
215x280mm, 304 pages, colour

This lavish and outstanding collection is a tribute to one of Sweden's biggest children's writers and illustrators.

For more than 50 years, Jan Lööf has written and illustrated children's books. Many have become modern classics, read and loved by several generations of children and adults. His stories have a very unusual voice which many children get hooked on and want to return to over and over again. The incredible details in the pictures contribute to a magical and appealing world, one that triggers joy and curiosity. This collection contains some of his most famous works: The Story of the Red Apple, The ABC Book, Catch Him!, Mathilda’s Cats, The Birthday Present and many more.

Jan Lööf himself contributed in restoring all the illustrations to their original beauty. This edition is an absolute must for all Jan Lööf fans!