Kim Wall

Wall, Ingrid
Wall, Joachim
Swedish title
Boken om Kim Wall
Non Fiction \ Narrative non-fiction & Essays
Pub Date
Nov 09, 2018

A Voice Silenced

I wake up in the middle of the night. Two different ideas have taken root in my consciousness during my half-slumber, ideas refusing to be silenced until I’ve acted on them. The first is that Kim needs to live on through a memorial fund, she will not be forgotten. The second is this book, the truth must be told, and we will write it. Kim will be depicted as the engaging and strong woman she was, as the human and journalist Kim — not as the victim. The decision gives me some respite — a luta continua — the struggle continues.Ingrid Wall

10th August 2017. Kim Wall leaves the home she shares with her partner Ole to write a story about a submarine and its builder, in Copenhagen. Several witnesses watch them cast off in the harbour. Just another day at work for a freelance journalist, who loves writing about subcultures and underground factions. Soon, she is meant to be moving to Beijing with Ole, a new life is waiting for her. But Kim never comes back. Instead of writing the headlines, she becomes the headlines.

The book is centered on two main themes: the journey her parents undertook after being awoken by a phone call in the middle of the night to hear Kim had gone missing. Their story is one of grief, joy, love, and the yawning, great void in their lives. It’s about questions that never get answered. And it’s about what lies ahead in their tireless efforts to keep Kim’s memory alive. The second theme concentrates on Kim and her life: her story from growing up a curious girl in the south of Sweden, to the driven, talented foreign correspondent and journalist she became—without ever losing her curiosity. This book is a celebration of Kim Wall’s extraordinary life.

The Swedish journalist Kim Wall was a rush of positive energy, a force so alive that it felt good simply to be around her.’ — The New Yorker

She humanized her subjects and sources.’ — Washington Post