Life according to Dunne

Lagercrantz, Rose
Eriksson, Eva
Swedish title
Livet enligt Dunne
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Apr 27, 2015
128 pages, 148 x 210 mm, b/w illustrations

Much-loved books full of humor, intense feelings and true friendship. A dead-cert about feelings from a child’s point of view by children’s book veterans Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson.

It is Dunne’s first summer holiday and the best so far! She is on an island with Ella Frida, the best friend in the world, while her father is in hospital recovering from a traffic accident. He rings her every day but then the calls stop. Dunne is worried but Ella Frida knows how to comfort and make her feel better. Then one day, dad turns up, on crutches and with a nurse! The visit is not what anyone expected…