Little Stick in Happyland

Widmark, Martin
Dziubak, Emilia
Swedish title
Lilla Sticka i landet Lycka
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Jan 29, 2016
195 x260 mm, 40 pages, color

Martin Widmark's own brand of magic for the very young! One night when Daniel is going to bed, Aunt Julia tell s him a fantastic story. When she was a small and rather unhappy little girl who missed her brother, she happened to run her sledge into a tree and down into a long tunnel made of ice, landing with a bump in Happyland. Here she met some fantastic creatures including Mr. Jacobi - a beetle wearing tails and a bow tie who calls her Little Stick and greedy Crabben who collects pearls. She also meets her brother again and saves him.

Little Stick in Happyland is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and also Astrid Lindgren's Most Beloved Sister. A picture book where the best of Swedish and Polish tale telling and artwork come together.

Emilia Dziubak is a new star in the heavens of Polish picture book illustrators. She qualified from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznari in 2010. Little Stick in Happyland is Emilia and Martin Widmark's first book together.

"A delightful and beautiful picture book. Martin Widmark writes better than ever."

Dagens Nyheter, Lotta Olsson

"A classic bedtime story with just the right amount of excitement and a happy ending. Richly illustrated with wonderful poetic pictures."

Aftonbladet, Ingalill Mosander

"Together with Polish illustrator Emilia Dziubak, Martin Widmark has created a magical tale and picture book…"

Smålandsposten, Ewa Wahlström