More Tales About Pelle No-Tail

Knutsson, Gösta
Rönn, Åsa
Rönn, Michael
Flygare, Ingrid
Swedish title
Fler berättelser om Pelle Svanslös
Pelle No-Tail
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Oct 04, 2017
195x260mm, 96 pages, colour

Welcome to Uppsala’s world of cats.

Three of Gösta Knutsson’s classic tales of friendship have been revised and illustrated for children of today. In Pelle No-Tail and the Dog Max, Pelle makes acquaintance with a new resident of Uppsala – a dog, to the other cats’ alarm. But together with Pelle they soon learn that if you have the courage to get to know someone who’s different you can end up with a friend for life. In Pelle No-Tail on the Farm, Måns comes up with a cunning plan to put Pelle in his place. And in Pelle No-Tail and the Ghost, Måns learns that people who try and scare others, often end up most scared themselves ...

All the tales are of course characterised by Gösta Knutsson’s classic message: it always pays to be nice.