Morris in the big meadow

Olsson, Lotta
Jönsson, Maria
Swedish title
Morris på landet
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Mar 17, 2006
32 pages, colour illustrations 210 x 210 mm

There are a great many fun things that Morris is too little for. He isn’t allowed to go up or down the stairs alone and he isn’t allowed to eat chocolate. And he isn’t allowed to play in the Big Meadow. The Big Meadow is a wonderful place that Morris and his mistress usually go past every day. You can’t imagine how much Morris wants to play there. One day, Morris’ mistress says: “OK, then! You can play for a little while. I’ll let you go." Oh, how happy Morris is! He runs off quickly, quickly across the meadow and when he turns around to see if his mistress is watching, he discovers that she isn’t. Because she isn’t there. Morris’ mistress is missing...