Ninja Timmy and the Chamber of the Lost Song

Tamm, Henrik
Swedish title
Ninja Timmy och de förlorade sångernas kammare
Ninja Timmy
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Sep 14, 2017
148x210mm, 176 pages, colour

Ninja Timmy and his gang are busy trying to stop a burglar at the abandoned concert hall when a tall and mysterious woman appears in the mist. She starts singing a rather strange song with a high and enchanting voice, and the adventure begins. The woman turns out to be the spirit of music itself, the highly dangerous Raxxina. She can spellbind people with her music and has been the subject of legends since the city of Elyzandrium was built. But why has she appeared now? And what does she want with Timmy? The struggle worsens when she enlists the help of a gang of evil clowns – and soon Timmy and his gang find themselves in real danger ...

Ninja Timmy is back in an action-packed adventure where the cool Ninja gang meets super evil clowns and Timmy unexpectedly finds a trail that leads to his lost father. As usual, the story is embellished with Henrik Tamm’s magical colour illustrations.