Organise and Store

Draganja, Paulina
Huett, Ulf
Swedish title
Organisera och förvara hemma – ett projekt i veckan
Non Fiction \ Home & Garden
Pub Date
Jan 25, 2017
170x240 mm

Would you like a well organised and easy-to-clean home but find it hard to know where to start?

This book gives you a concrete plan of action to tick off one area at a time. With the help of one well-defined project per week you will be able to create order and learn how to keep it. The weekly projects vary in size and are adapted to the time of year and your situation. With the help of a priority list, you are guaranteed to get the most out of each project and involve the whole family. Discover just how fun it is to work together to clear up and tick things off your list!


Paulina Draganjais back with this practical step-by-step guide to clearing up, organising and finding optimal storage solutions for your home. With the help of well thought-out structure, clearing up and tidying will become a routine that gets easier and easier. You will save time and energy and create a home that you’ll be happy in! 

Over 400 000 people have taken part in the one-project-a-week challenge on her blog, why don’t you do the same!


As well as being a popular public speaker on smart organising tricks and storage ideas, the business economist Paulina Draganja has been Queen of Storage since 2011 when she started what has become Sweden’s largest blog on a subject that she is so passionate about. This book is the sequel to the very successful Smart Storage - organise your home.