Pelle And Uncle Otto's Invention

Lööf, Jan
Lööf, Jan
Swedish title
Pelle och Farbror Ottos uppfinning
Pub Date
Jan 30, 2006
36 pages, 210 x 210 mm, colour

To anyone who’s read his books, it’s not exactly a secret that Jan Lööf likes machines and engines.

In Pelle and Uncle Otto’s Invention he goes all the way and tells all the little petrol heads out there about the history of the internal combustion engine. Uncle Otto is in fact the German inventor Nikolaus Otto, the man who gave the world the modern petrol engine. Without it we wouldn’t have today’s car or aeroplane! It brought many good things, but it also made it possible to develop more advanced vehicles for use in war. And as we all know, all those emissions are no good for the environment, and we’re running out of oil . . .

No, it’s time to think again and to come up with something just as clever that can be run on rainwater or mosquitoes or something else that we’ve got plenty of and that’s renewable