Pelle Helps a Knight

Lööf, Jan
Lööf, Jan
Swedish title
Pelle hjälper en riddare
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Aug 31, 2004
36 pages, colour illustrations, 210 x 210 mm

Pelle is reading a book about the Middle Ages and knights. The Middle Ages seem to have been an exciting period, it would have been fun to live then… In no time, Pelle’s imagination has taken him to a castle and to Pablo the knight. Pelle thinks that Pablo seems to be a bit old and worn out, much too old to fight the deadly dragon threatening the town. But the princess must be saved and Pablo is the only knight around, so what choice does he have?
A good thing for the knight that he met Pelle - who has a really clever, peppery idea!
A glimmering fantasy adventure by the masterful storyteller Jan Lööf.