Pelle No-Tail Follows a Trail

Knutsson, Gösta
Flygare, Ingrid
Flygare, Ingrid
Swedish title
Pelle Svanslös följer ett spår
Pelle No-Tail
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 28, 2015
Cardboard books with flaps, 210 x 210, 12 pages color

Pelle No-Tail’s ball of wool has disappeared, where can it be? Everyone wants to help and follow the trail through the alleys - even Måns. Is the ball at home with Maja? Or is it in Gullan’s workshop? Or has someone borrowed it? The four clever kittens think they know who it is. Lift the flaps and see!

Follow the trail, look behind the flaps to experience an adventure that all young readers will want to read again and again. A lovely whodunit’ for the little ones!