Pelle on his Planetary Journey

Lööf, Jan
Lööf, Jan
Swedish title
Pelle på planetfärd
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2010
32 pages, 250x290mm, colour

Pelle goes out into space!

Bertil Hermit really does like to keep to himself. But his calm is always being disturbed by Engineer Björkman, who wants to get at Bertil’s secret book. The Earth has become an irritating place to live on! So Bertil decides to settle down on a new planet, completely uninhabited and a wonderful place for a hermit. At last some peace and quiet! But it doesn’t stay calm for long. Björkman doesn’t give up so easily, and in the end Bertil simply must get some help. He gets in touch with his friend Scrap-Nisse, but Nisse is too old for such adventures. Leave the Earth and go out into space! No thank you! But Pelle might be keen for a new adventure?

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