Rakel The knight and The Three Noble Deeds

Widmark, Martin
Sternehäll, Britt
Swedish title
Riddar-Rakel och de tre stordåden
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Feb 20, 2006
32 pages, 190x260 mm, color

Rakel and her friends are playing knights in the garden. Then Rotten Roland and his two horrible sidekicks turn up and ruin the game for them. What does Rakel do then? Why, she turns herself into Rakel The Knight.
With lances at the ready Rakel The Knight and her friends accept the challenge thrown down by the evil queen. Three noble deeds must be carried out before Rakel can become a REAL knight. Rakel must do everything that real knights do - even if it involves taking part in tournaments, meeting fire-breathing dragons and rescuing princesses from towers.

The encounter with the evil queen is the start of a real knights’ adventure, with lances, steeds, flamboyant musicians and chess-playing parrots.

Martin Widmark has written many entertaining and clever detective stories for children, including the prize-winning mystery tales about Lasse & Maja’s Detective Agency.