Rakel the Discoverer and the Grave of the Unknown King

Rakel 7

Widmark, Martin
Sternehäll, Britt
Swedish title
Upptäckar-Rakel och den okända kungens grav
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Mar 16, 2010
colour, 195 x260 mm

Rakel, her friends and Rotten Roland in a new adventure!
Once again Rakel challenges irritating rhyming Roland, who is every bit as rotten as ever!
When Rakel, Sara and Mats decide to become discoverers, Roland starts teasing them. Surely nobody has discovered anything new for at least a hundred years? But what if Rakel and her friends do actually find something new, and become rich and famous? Roland and his horrible sidekicks decide they must find something new and undiscovered first, like a Roland-Pig with really long legs, splendid horns and no tail. Then of course there are also naked tribes and the incredibly splendid graves of kings to be discovered…
“Rakel the Discoverer and the Grave of the Unknown King" is the seventh story about Rakel and her friends. The books have proved enormously popular with both children and adults.