Rings on Black Water

Åkerblom, Gull
Swedish title
Ringar på svart vatten
Children \ Young Adult
Pub Date
May 29, 2015
125x197mm, 224 pages

In a sleepy little community, the vicarage has long stood empty and abandoned till one summer’s day Ben and his family move in. Ben is quite a lonesome boy. He doesn’t have any real friends and he feels different from his mother, father and older brother. How come all the others are attracted to reading books and playing music but he finds reading painful and has no sense of music? Ben spends his time drawing and walking around in the woods whenever he can get out of the city. So when his father says he has accepted a job that means they have to move to an old house outside the city he is happy although his brother and mother are not. Finally he is close to the woods and there is a lake, a dark lake that both attracts and frightens. Ben immediately notices that there is something mysterious about the house and soon he is on the trail of a dark secret. It seems to him that the house wants to tell him something, asking for his help. And there is also Alba, the girl Ben has been in love with in a distance for a long time, who also asks for his help to discover the truth about her parents.