Sam & Sigge and the Knight brothers

Hallberg, Lin
Nordqvist, Margareta
Swedish title
Sam och Sigge och riddarbröderna
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Sep 14, 2012
64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour

The Sigge books form a series about horses written by Lin Hallberg and illustrated throughout by Margareta Nordquist. Everybody Loves Sigge was awarded a prize by the Book Jury, which is the list of the year’s best books chosen by Swedish children themselves. The books have also been praised by the critics and by those who work with children and in libraries.

The series is about Elina and her friends who hang out at the charming Shetland pony stables in Broby which are run by Ingela, the best riding instructor in the whole wide world! This is where Elina meets Sigge, the sweetest little Shetland pony she’s ever seen.

Eric and Simon are brothers and knights! They ride on their real knightly chargers, Sam and Sigge, and fight dragons and sorcerers among the apple trees and in the meadows.

Tonight they want Mum to tell them about the adventure where they heroically saved the little foal and were then knighted as Sir Eric and Sir Simon.

An easy-to-read book in colour for all girls and boys who have begun to read for themselves!