Shakshuka - Jerusalem's Cuisine

Food without boundries

Kersh, Nidal
Weibull, Lennart
Swedish title
Non Fiction \ Food & Drink
Pub Date
Nov 07, 2017
195x240 mm, 192 pages

Finally, a book about food from Jerusalem and the surrounding regions - the melting pot of the Middle East where so many forms of different international cuisine meet.
  Shakshuka is actually a dish of eggs poached directly in a spicy tomato sauce although the name also means "mixture", which is the perfect definition of Jerusalem’s cuisine.
  Jerusalem is home to dishes from North Africa, Southern Europe, neighbouring countries to the south and the east and even Eastern Europe and Russia. It is home to the best food in the Middle East!
  Food knows no boundaries, and neither do the recipes in this book. There’s schnitzel with chips and Arabic salad, Hummus, which is so widespread these days that nobody thinks about where it comes from, Falafel, the dish that one day might save the world from too much
meat eating. There are even classic dishes like manakish, shawarma, baba ganouj and baklava.
  But as well as all the recipes, Shakshuka also tells you the fascinating tale of Nidal Kersch and how his father made his way from the city of Akko to Stockholm. And about the important meal that turns into a meeting between generations and people