The Castle Mystery

Widmark, Martin
Willis, Helena
Swedish title
The Whodunnit Detective Agency
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Sep 07, 2017
148 x 210mm, 112 pages, color

The popular detectives Lasse and Maja have the sharpest brains in Valleby after 15 years in the detective business. But are they smart enough to solve case 26? What started as a generous chocolate tasting at the castle turns out to include a fantastic offer that promises huge rewards - as long as you’re willing to invest a little money. Lasse and Maja become
suspicious: it sounds too good to be true.
  The residents of Valleby are tasting delicious chocolate at the castle, chocolate made by Count von Farsen himself. They soon find themselves fascinated by the successful count and his luxurious lifestyle. It’s something that they can all have, says the count, if they are prepared
to invest some money in his new plantation. His servant, the deaf Floyd Nilson, keeps a watchful eye on all the guests during the tasting session and reports back to the count with handwritten notes. There seems to be something fishy going on! Lasse and Maja discover that
the other rooms in the castle have been emptied of furniture and that there’s a motorbike in the garage that’s ready to take off ...
  Martin Widmark has an unfailing ability to find topical themes for his tales and in this one he takes a shot at dodgy forms of financing.