The Gold Mystery

Widmark, Martin
Willis, Helena
Swedish title
The Whodunit Detective Agency
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2016
96 pages, colour illustrations, 148 x 210 mm

Now it’s time for Lasse and Maja’s tenth case - perhaps one of their trickiest so far. All the pictures are in colour this time - and with the title in gold, of course!

A huge cargo of gold arrives in the harbour at Valleby. Lasse, Maja and the chief of police supervise the unloading of this valuable freight. At the bank a noticeably nervous bank manager takes charge of the gold. The following morning, all the gold has disappeared! The security cameras show nothing, and inside the bank vault is a letter stating that the staff have been taken hostage. But what are those mysterious footprints on the chair below the camera? And what does a warm fizzy drink have to do with the situation? Something isn’t right in that bank …


Today Lasse and Maja are favourites with many children, racing up the book lists! The Newspaper Mystery won Spårhunden in 2005 - Jury magazine’s prize for the best detective story of the year for children and young people.

The Newspaper Mystery was also awarded first prize in the 7 - 9 year-old category by the Book Jury in 2006, where children vote for their own favourite. At Christmas 2006 Lasse and Maja will be appearing on Swedish television’s advent calendar in a production by SF.