The Island Of The Insane

David & Larissa 3

Widmark, Martin
Strömgård, Katarina
Swedish title
Dårarnas ö
David & Larissa
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Apr 16, 2007
192 pages, b/w illustrations

In this third book, David and Larissa discover several moss-covered gravestones on a small island. They carry the names of young girls, all of whom died in the mid-1940s. The girls appear to be forgotten - why? Is there any connection with the nearby former mental hospital, now closed down? David and Larissa get closer to the truth about the girls in a remarkable way when they visit a watchmaker’s, but in order to find out exactly what happened they must return to the hospital - which turns out to be an extremely dangerous place …
The Island of the Insane is about the ethics of research - what do we have the right to do to people, in the name of science? And who has been chosen for these experiments?