The Marble Game

Bross, Helena
Rönns, Christel
Swedish title
Spela kula
Class 1B
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Jul 17, 2017
148 x 210mm, 64 pages, color

The Marble Game is the 21st book in Helena Bross’ popular early reader series about the friends in "Class 1B" - a series of books that both boys and girls can identify with. And this time, everyone in Class 1B needs
to stick together.
  A new boy has started at the school. His name is Roy and he’s in the
fifth grade. He decides that the first graders aren’t allowed to play bandy with the older kids during the break. The next day Roy comes over and wants to play marbles with Class 1B. Vicke lends him some marbles but
then he starts winning more and more. His bag of marbles gets bigger and bigger. Roy’s not playing fair. Elin gets angry. But then she comes up with an idea, which soon catches on with the whole class.