The Piano in the Attic

Genar, Katarina
Jansson, Alexander
Swedish title
Mystiska skolan. Pianot på vinden
The Mysterious School
Pub Date
Oct 17, 2016
148 x 210 mm, 64 pages, color

Come and visit the school where creepy things happen! Sometimes you can hear hissing breathing sounds in the corridor, light footsteps behind you or something cold on your neck. It is the ghosts! Easy to read and just scary enough.

Greta loves her mysterious school. Something exciting happens almost every day. Take today for instance, when the caretaker comes into the math’s lesson. He looks really angry. "No children are allowed to play on the piano that is in the attic", he says. "It is more than a hundred years old and very valuable!"
Sally who is in Class 3 thinks of course that they should go to the attic right away and check it out. There is definitely something odd about this piano.
But as usual, it is not what she thinks ... or is it?