The Secret of the Cabinet

Widmark, Martin
Swedish title
Kabinettets hemlighet
Children \ Young Adult
Pub Date
Sep 01, 2008
288 pages, b/w illustrations, 134x213mm

Martin Widmark, author of the immensely popular series featuring Lasse & Maja’s detective agency, publishes a novel for young people for the first time

This is the novel Martin Widmark himself would have like to read as a teenager. It is a historical adventure story about a boy, Io, which begins in 1798. His mother has died and his father was a famous Italian painter who abandoned Io’s mother when she was pregnant.

Io has inherited his father’s artistic skill, and is asked by the bishop of Linköping to immortalise the curios in the cathedral cabinet by producing drawings of them for a catalogue. But the bishop has a hidden agenda, as well as wanting excellent drawings of the items in the cabinet, and Io has no idea of this when he agrees to carry out the task. The story takes the reader on three dizzying journeys through three different epochs - with three different mottoes. Find your soul. Find your faith. Find yourself. But how is Io to succeed in these tasks - his job is to draw the items in the cathedral cabinet, isn’t it?

With a feeling for, and knowledge of historical environments and details, Martin Widmark takes us on a fantastic journey through time and space, as well as into the heart of the individual.

“It’s about love, history, and how things are for people - about life, in fact." (Martin Widmark’s own comment on the book.)