The Song of the Wise One

David & Larissa 4

Widmark, Martin
Strömgård, Katarina
Swedish title
Nåjdens sång
David & Larissa
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Mar 11, 2008
176 pages, b/w illustrations
  • " “… an intense, very exciting tale… a fantasy detective story." Upsala Nya Tidning
    “The tension grips the reader from the very beginning and holds him spellbound until the dramatic conclusion." Susanne Eek, BTJ-journal.
    “An exciting and philosophical detective story…" Piteå-Tidningen


In this fourth book David and Larissa are on their summer holidays from school. Larissa is staying with her relatives in Russia, and David is missing her terribly. At the same time, strange things are happening in the mountains of Lapland: a mining company is prospecting for uranium on grazing land used by the Same people for their reindeer, and an old Same friend of David’s family, Johan, tells him that his son came off the road in peculiar circumstances when he was transporting a sample from the drilling process.
When David finally meets up with Larissa after several weeks of longing to see her, a mountain buzzard screeches anxiously high above his head. And as they are walking home through the town while David tells her about Johan’s letter, the bird follows them, still screeching.
“I think that bird is trying to tell us something," says Larissa. “Shall we go up to Lapland to see Johan, you and I? We’ve still got two weeks of our holiday left."