The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family and Mr Grumpy

Björnstjerna, Jonna
Swedish title
Sagan om den underbara familjen Kanin och Farbror Elände
The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 21, 2017
195x260mm, 32 pages, colour

Believe it or not - the wonderful rabbit family are back. This time in a rather scary adventure with rabbit-eating trolls and a grumpy man in the woods. A fun, exciting and slightly scary world of pictures for youngsters.

Mummy Rabbit is sitting at the breakfast table reading the newspaper in peace and quiet. But it's terrible ... there's not a single bit of good news, only doom and gloom. It is time to pick blueberries to have with their pancakes. Little Brother and Little Sister want to join in - because they LOVE picking berries. But why does everything go wrong when they’re out in the woods? Mum steps on the basket and ends up getting covered by sticky berries. And when she goes off to have a wash in the stream, Little Sister and Little Brother suspect that someone is lurking among the trees …