The Vampire's Ball

Widmark, Martin
Alvner, Christina
Swedish title
Vampyrernas bal
Nelly Rapp
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
May 14, 2013
64 pg, 148x210 mm, b/w illustrations

Nelly Rapp has learnt to deal with monsters and other dangers by being Calm, Clever and Cunning. But will the “the three C´s" now be enough? 

The biggest event in several years is fast approaching for the monster agents - the vampires´ presidential election! The choice is between headstrong Elena who is demanding "free blood for all" and the peace-loving Rauf who believes that they should continue to hang out in the shadows and make a better vampire life together.

If Elena wins, humans will live in a far more dangerous world. Nelly is assigned the difficult and dangerous task of trying to prevent this from happening.

She manages to get into the castle in Estonia where the election is to take place by disguising herself as Iceland´s only vampire! Now she has to convince everyone that they should vote for Rauf. But how can quiet Rauf compete with vociferous Elena? According to Rauf, surely there are no vampires who are content to be loyal and kind if they can have the power that Elena is promising? And to make matters worse she is offering the bonus of a tasty boys´ choir from Vienna for the vampires to get their teeth into….