The Wizards From Wittenberg

Nelly Rapp 4

Widmark, Martin
Alvner, Christina
Swedish title
Trollkarlarna från Wittenberg
Nelly Rapp
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Aug 08, 2005
80 pages, b/w illustrations.

By the time the strange vacuum cleaner salesmen leave Nelly’s house, the calm preparations for Halloween have turned into hectic chaos. Who are those men? Monster agent Nelly Rapp sets off on her third mission - and this time she’s in big trouble. This series about Monster agent Nelly Rapp and her dog London satisfies the need for delightfully scary stories for those who are just starting to read. The stories are ever so slightly scary - but mostly they’re delightful! Both press and public have been very enthusiastic about the previous books in the series.